10 benefits of video

Video is an ever growing platform to engage, attract and bring visitors to your website. It’s a great option that provides many benefits to your companies website and social media.  Listed below are five benefits of adding video to your website.

1. Engaging your visitors

People retain information better if they are actively engaged. Using visuals to engage the visitors to your website, they will spend more time exposed to your calls to action and value proposition, etc. Video offers the advantage over other types of content in that is doesn’t just tell your companies story – it shows them!


2. Standing out from the competition

Video is a great way to differentiate yourself from your competition.  Not many companies currently have  the creativity, or the forward thinking to put their company and product or service on their website.  Those that do have a huge advantage over the competition. Using video on your website will make you stand out from the crowd.


4. Driving traffic to your website

Every time you add video content to your website, you will see a rise in your search engine results. You can even boost the search engine results by using targeted keywords in the video title, tags and description. On top of adding the video to your website, you can create a YouTube channel to maximize the benefit of search engine optimization or upload the videos to your social media for full online presence.


5. Give your website an identity

Why not use a video to help tell your companies story? Sure, you can use “about us” pages where your employees share their joy of knitting, but what better way to represent your companies personality than through a video of your team in action.


10. Leave a lasting impression

This is a combination of everything above. Be creative with your videos, and don’t be afraid to go the extra mile. Leave people with a lasting impression of your company and don’t fall into the void that is the ever growing internet.