Droning On ….. aka The Benefits Of Aerial Photography

Thanks to the development of smartphones and technology in general, it’s now a fact of life that pretty much every man, woman and child has a camera with them 24/7. A static photograph or short video shot on a mobile phone can be uploaded to the world wide web within seconds of being taken. So, as a business, how do you stand out from the crowd and show the world what you have to offer?

I became a Certified CAA Drone Pilot in 2019 and it’s an area of JCFX Media that I find really rewarding – showing clients parts of their business they’ve never seen before once we start filming aerial footage.

When someone visits your website, you have a nanosecond to engage them and make them stay. Take them on a journey as soon as they land on your homepage. Sweep them off their feet with an aerial tour of your facility – just like this one I filmed for Sutton Coldfield Golf Club. Drones enable
us to capture beautiful footage of venues from the air – perfect for couples planning their wedding, landmark buildings such as churches and cathedrals, or businesses looking for conference or event venues.

Save time with location spotting and let the drone do the scouting for you – something that’s particularly timesaving if you’re planning on a large-scale event that may require a route such as a charity run. Once you’ve found the perfect spot and your event is live you can use aerial photography to stream the event direct to your social media channels, capturing every detail as it happens.

Drones can film inside too. Show your clients what goes on in your factory, warehouse, gym …. In fact, anywhere you want to bring to life with more than just static imagery.

Away from the aesthetic side of marketing, on a more practical level drones are becoming more widely used in the construction industry by builders and architects for land surveys and roof inspections – a much more affordable option as you won’t need to use a scaffolder, and the results will be delivered quicker and potentially be more cost-effective. Time lapse drone footage can show an entire development being built, from first footings to completion. All it takes is regular visits to site, and some clever splicing to bring it all together!

I could honestly drone on about aerial photography and how amazing it is all day long, but I hope you’ve got the idea by now! If you’d like to have a chat as to how we can work together to lift your business up into the skies, soaring above your competitors, I’d love to hear from you.