Why is there a green background when filming

Why do video production companies use Green Screen in their videos?

In the ever growing world of online video, it is important that your company stands out from the crowd. You may require a video for your homepage to tell your companies story, educational videos, or even client testimonials. Using a green screen can be a simple way to keep the budget low but keeping that quality level high.

Greenscreen is also known as chroma keying. By using a green (or sometimes blue) background, the post production team can remove the colour from the footage, leaving you with a clean and professional video to show off.

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5 reasons to use green screen in your next video production


At JCFX Media we use our in house studio in Burntwood, but it doesn’t end there.. we have a portable green screen which we can take on location, meaning we can come to you.

Cost efficiency

Filming green screen footage at our studio is a cost-effective way of producing professional video content.  It is great for companies on a lower budget as expenses such as travel and filming on location are a thing of the past.


On top of any footage we film, graphics and animations can be added to a green screen production as an aid. For example, graphs, charts and any other imagery that can hep tell your story.


Your company’s logo and identity can easily be added into the video, so the video wont stick out like a sore thumb on your homepage, it will be fluent with the rest of the site.

The sky is not the limit

If you can imagine it, it can be added to a green screen production. Want to be on the moon? no problem. Want to be in a fish tank? anything is possible.

Are you keen for Green Screen?

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